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The theme will enable progressive web app support using @mr-hope/vuepress-plugin-pwa by default. If you do not need this feature or want to use other pwa plugins, you can set the themeConfig.pwa to false to disable the plugin.


You don’t need to use head function to handle your head option while using vuepress-theme-hope, config function in theme will do the job for you. The only thing you need is to set themeConfig.pwa.

# Content Cache and update

After the Service worker obtains the content update, a popup will be displayed in the bottom right corner, prompting the user that new content is available and allowing the user to trigger the update.

The default language of the popup will automatically be set to baseLang configured in themeConfig.

# Manifest

A manifest.webmanifest will be auto generated in dist folder. If you have a manifest.webmanifest or manifest.json in .vuepress/public, the plugin will read and merge it in the final manifest.

To let your site be able to register as Web App, you should set icons in themeConfig.pwa.manifest.icons.

You can also set other options in themeConfig.pwa.manifest.

# Cache Size

To better control what your Service Worker can precache, you can set themeConfig.pwa.cachePic and themeConfig.pwa.cacheHTML to decide whether the service worker caches HTML files except the homepage and 404 error pages and site pictures.

To prevent from including large files in your precache list, any resources larger than 2MB and any pictures larger than 1MB will be dropped. You can change the size limit by setting themeConfig.pwa.maxSize and themeConfig.pwa.maxPicSize.

# More

For more detail, see pwa plugin documatation (opens new window)

Last update: November 26, 2020 09:05