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# Markdown Enhance

vuepress-theme-hope enables more syntax in Markdown via the built-in md-enhance (opens new window) plugin.

themeconfig.mdEnhance in .vuepress/config.js will be passed directly to the plugin as a plugin option. So you can also read the md-enhance documentation (opens new window) to see the usage.


Don’t worry about the size of your site. If you don’t enable related features, the final code won’t include code for these features.

At the same time, VuePress itself adds some Markdown syntaxes. You can view the official documentation (opens new window).

# Enable all

You can set themeconfig.mdEnhance.enableAll to enable all features of the md-enhance (opens new window) plugin.


module.exports = {
  themeConfig: {
    mdEnhance: {
      enableAll: true,


Please use this option ONLY for playing or testing.

As time grows,vupress-plugin-md-enhance is becoming more powerful. It’s adding more syntax to Markdown parser and more code to output.

Enabling features you don’t need will increase dev and build time. (markdown-it has to check for extra syntaxs)

Also, presentation feature will add a 700KB size chunk (mostly is reveal.js) to your output.

So please use the options below and enable ONLY the feature you want to use.

# New Feature

# Superscript and Subscript

19th H2O

# Align

I am center

I am right align

# Footnote

This text has footnote[1].

# Mark

You can mark important words .

# Flowchart

# Tex

rωr(yωω)=(yωω){(logy)r+i=1r(1)ir(ri+1)(logy)riωi}\frac {\partial^r} {\partial \omega^r} \left(\frac {y^{\omega}} {\omega}\right) = \left(\frac {y^{\omega}} {\omega}\right) \left\{(\log y)^r + \sum_{i=1}^r \frac {(-1)^i r \cdots (r-i+1) (\log y)^{r-i}} {\omega^i} \right\}

# Code Demo

# Presentation

  1. This is footnote content ↩︎

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